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Matching Marketing Funds Program

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NEW Matching Funds Program Available for Local Events and Campaigns!

The Tuolumne County Visitors Bureau (TCVB) has a long history of supporting non-profit and for-profit events within Tuolumne County either through matching marketing funds or through sponsorships. The TCVB Matching Marketing Funds/Sponsorship Program creates a formal avenue in which to support local events or other tourism marketing activities by reinvesting TCVB marketing dollars into those activities that support the TCVB mission and meet criteria as set forth by the TCVB. The Program is designed to support countywide promotional opportunities that bring new and returning visitors to Tuolumne County.

The Program is intended for events and marketing campaigns that attract out of town visitors, drive overnight stays of all types, generate a positive economic impact midweek and during off-peak times in addition to enhancing overall experiences for both visitors and locals.

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