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Local Businesses Making Waves In Sustainable Tourism

By Mackenzie Rodgers | 07/17/2019 | Eat & Drink, Events, Exploring Tuolumne County, Farmers' Markets, Guided Tours to Yosemite, Hotels/Resorts, Lodging, Outdoor Adventure, Shopping, Tours, Yosemite National Park

Travel sustainably and lessen your carbon footprint in Tuolumne County by supporting businesses that are making strides toward a greener community.

Echo Adventure Cooperative is a worker-owned tour guide outfitter that truly values eco friendly travel. This certified B Corporation is shaking things up in the Yosemite Area because of their stewardship with the local community, donations to conservation organizations, and their tremendous effort to maintain high environmental standards. Book a trip with them and experience memorable excursions like catch and release fly fishing, guided day hikes, backpacking trips, snowshoeing, and sightseeing. You can rest easy knowing that 99.8% of all trips and add-ons are free of single-use plastics. The guides pride themselves in being educators of Leave No Trace principles, while living low eco impact lifestyles.

Photos Via Echo Adventure Cooperative's Instagram Page

When it comes to eco-friendly lodging properties, Rush Creek Lodge, just outside of Yosemite National Park, is top of mind. This Social Corporation, is making a local impact by supporting organic farms and artisans, hiring local staff, and landscaping with plants that are native to the Yosemite region. Guests can sleep easy knowing there is minimal water waste because of the gray water recycling that keeps the surrounding landscape green, and low flow water fixtures. Along with practicing the protection of the local land, the lodge also does their part to educate visitors on how they can participate in conservation and be more aware of their environmental impact in day to day life.

The Standard Pour, in East Sonora, is trending with their farm-to-fork dinners that are popping up throughout the Gold Country, Yosemite and High Sierra areas. “Gather Tuolumne” dinners are intimate dining experiences for people who want to sip and dine on 100% locally sourced cuisine, while enjoying a variety of Tuolumne County’s authentic venues. Purchase a ticket or two and find yourself enjoying a multi-course meal in the middle of an apple orchard, family-owned ranch, or even a historic downtown courtyard. Stay sustainable with the locals, consume organic deliciousness, and get lost in the good vibes.

Inspired to host a farm-to fork-dinner of your own? Start with a trip to one of Tuolumne County’s charming certified farmers markets. Celebrate the season's wealth with local growers and find yourself in awe of the varietals and opportunities for delicious pairings of cheese, wine, fruit and vegetables. If you're looking to brighten up your table, stop by the florist vendor to purchase some beautiful blooms. Create brag-worthy dishes that your friends will love. Feel good, eat good, and support the local farms. Details and a schedule of the many markets here.

Photos By Austin Banks

You know the saying, “reduce, reuse, recycle,” well, Runway XChange is a local shop that carries gently worn, trending clothes at affordable prices. They’ve cornered the market on guilt-free shopping in Sonora, and our bank accounts couldn’t be happier. This consignment shop on Washington Street is changing the way many view used clothes, by shedding light on the immense impact of the fashion industry. They’ve even incorporated the movement into the branding of the shop and their friendly employees don’t miss a beat when it comes to educating shoppers on how they can practice environmental mindfulness.

Are you ready to get going? You'll find lodging options for every taste and any budget, from river-side campgrounds to modern resorts in the High Sierra, in the heart of Gold Rush towns and near Yosemite National Park. Go to to start planning your getaway today. Travel Tip: Don't wait until the last minute to reserve lodging for June through September and winter holiday periods--those times fill up fast.

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