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Planting a New Grove of Giant Sequoias

By | 05/07/2021 | Community, Outdoor Adventure

On April 30th, Arbor Day, Visit Tuolumne County teamed up with Heidi Lupo and her students at the Pinecrest Expedition Academy to plant three baby Giant Sequoias to form a new grove of the massive trees in Kennedy Meadows on Highway 108.

This project came about because in January 2018, VTC attended a media event in New York and gave Sequoia seedlings as a gift to the journalists in attendance. One of the journalists, Kim Grant, took eight of the trees home. Fast forward three years and Kim got in touch with me asking if she could “return” three of the trees to Tuolumne County and perhaps a new grove of Giant Sequoias could be planted. It sounded like a great idea and an opportunity for partnering with the Pinecrest Expedition Academy and Kennedy Meadows.

At Friday’s planting, the students answered questions about Sequoias, tested the pH levels of the soil and ensured enough distance between the trees to make sure they have the space to grow big and strong. The students will chart tree growth and other notations on the school’s website, The grove is yet to be named.

It was a fun way to celebrate Arbor Day and work with our community to develop a new attraction in Tuolumne County!

The Sequoia Planting

First, The Pinecrest Expedition Academy heard from Lisa Mayo on the sequoia's journey to Kennedy Meadows.

Next, the kids set out to find spots to plant 60 feet apart, which give the sequoias space to grow their tallest. They also tested the pH for the optimal level of between 5-7.

And time to plant! The kids split up into three groups to dig and plant the sequoia saplings. 

These young sequoias that have been all over the Country finally have a permanent home, thanks to help of The Pinecrest Expedition Academy, there is now a new grove of giant sequoias at Kennedy Meadows! Keep up with the trees at Pinecrest Expedition Academy's dedicated page here

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