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As the role of the Destination Marketing/Management Organization (DMMO) has evolved, Visit Tuolumne County has adopted the following statements to incorporate multiple areas of involvement.

Mission Statement:
To enhance economic growth by increasing tourism to Tuolumne County.

Vision Statement:
The VTC is the premiere authority for marketing Tuolumne County’s tourism assets and is looked to for leadership in all areas of destination management.

Strategic Statement:
As an effort to align with DMMO trends, the VTC takes an active role in industry conferences, accreditation programs, continued education, multi-year planning and strategic partnerships. The VTC will always look for ways to build on past and current success.

Community Statement:
The VTC supports the community through a Community Sponsorship program to leverage marketing dollars and assist various groups in their promotion of tourism. Additionally, the VTC Team takes pride in being a part of Tuolumne County by volunteering talent and resources to help make a vibrant and thriving community.

Inspiration Statement:
The VTC Team appreciates the specialness of this place we live and is passionate about and inspired by High Sierra Adventures, Yosemite Explorations and Gold Country Discoveries that abound throughout Tuolumne County. 

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